Core Value

Flower Arrangement Course

Hi, make your own bouquet with us when you join our flower arrangement class!

Are you want to be a florist? Are you love flower and want to learn how to arrange it?Join us at our studio at 21 Woodlands Close #09-35 Primz Biz Hub Singapore 737854 for a fun and relaxing class on how to choose complementary flowers and leaves to create a bouquet. Let us guide you through various design techniques and share with you tips for caring for flowers at home.

For our flower arranging classes, we'll start with the basics, such as sharing tips on buying flowers, conditioning and caring for them. Additionally, our florist will teach students how to create stunning floral compositions through color and technique.

Afterwards, we'll demonstrate how to combine complementary blooms into your bouquets and arrangements. We'll provide all the equipment so you can take your creations home!

In our Premium and basic one day courses, students will learn how to design 3-4 types of bouquets. Such as Korean bouquets, basic round bouquets, Korean flower boxes, mini bouquets, etc. The core value of our flower arrangement course is to keep up to date and keep up with trends, thus imparting the latest design skills and knowledge to students, so they can use it to start a business or help their future work. 


Hobby Workshop

Bored at home on weekends, or want to do some relaxing activities in your free time? Discover and develop your passion by joining our casual flower arrangement class!

Do you want to explore the wonderful world of flower art? Join us for a hobby workshop, once you join our workshop you are sure to become acquainted with the different tips and techniques in our own flower arrangements that give individuality and style to flower arrangements.

All workshops begin by sharing simple tips on conditioning and caring for them. Afterwards, we'll demonstrate how to combine complementary blooms into a bouquet or arrangement. We'll provide all the materials and equipment you need, and you can take your creations home with you after class!